Producer, Director


Gil Marsalla was born in Nice in 1969.  From the age of 14 he performed on stage in a variety of musical presentations.  While studying Piano and Jazz at the Conservatoire Musical of Nice, he also studied for a degree at Nice University.
After gaining professional experience as a musician, musical director, conductor and artistic director, his understanding of live performance inspired him to form his own company in 2001.  Since then, he has accompanied and developed many French artists.  In 2007 he decided to export the shows he wrote to a more international audience, and saw worldwide success with “Piaf ! Le Spectacle” and «Formidable Aznavour?!»
Audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Chihuahua, Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Prague, and Athens have rewarded his shows  with standing ovations.  He has earned the reputation of a globally renowned producer and was inspired to continue to create new entertainments each time he saw that familiar sparkle of joy in his audiences’ eyes.